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The 6 Best Dishwasher Brands to Tackle Your Dishes | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022)

It may be a guess, but we think dishwashers are the second most used appliance in most homes. After the refrigerator, of course. But washing, drying, and rinsing the dirty dishes, pots, and pans you cooked with isn’t easy. There’s a whole lot of clutter, pots, pans, plates, and silverware to clean. Luckily, there are several great dishwasher brands to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of the best dishwasher brands, and now you’ll know exactly which one is right for you.

Before you buy a dishwasher, be sure you buy the right model for your kitchen. The dishwasher brand that suits your needs best depends on your needs. Some things to keep in mind when shopping for a dishwasher include: Lifestraw, T-fal, Maytag, Electrolux, LG, and Frigidaire all have excellent Amazon ratings and excellent Consumer Reports reviews. These brands also typically offer robust warranties. Some of the best-rated brands have low prices, but most aren’t free. The brands that are the cheapest to purchase tend to have very expensive warranties.

Best Dishwasher Brands to Tackle Your Dishes

Here are the best dishwashers we’ve tested that are on sale right now:

1. Maytag ASSA ABLOY ProLink System Vario Plus Carafe Dishwasher

This dishwasher comes with an innovative self-cleaning cycle, called ActivWash. ActivWash will also raise the level of water in the dishwasher. When the high-pressure rinse cycle is finished, a water sensor will sense the water level is low, and the AutoWash feature will activate. The combination of the self-cleaning cycle and the AutoWash feature shines when it comes to cleaning and saving energy.

Maytag also made some design improvements to this model, such as sealing the doors on the dishwasher. This dishwasher is available in a variety of colors and can wash 6 and 8-cup multi-purpose racks, and long power-basin and shallow dish racks. The models have a semi-passive filtration system and an AquaWave rinse system.


  • Active Washing Mode for a thorough cleaning
  • Automatic AutoWash and AutoRide features
  • High-pressure and HEPA filtration


  • AquaWave is not available in Canada or Mexico
  • The filter can easily get clogged
  • Some complaint about small discoloration in the water

2. Electrolux CERTA 5.2V2B Dishwasher

The Electrolux CERTA 5.2V2B dishwasher comes with a super-powerful cycle that could leave other models in the dust. The cycle is rated for 1,800 cycles, and each cycle only uses 5 to 6 gallons of water. This unit has dual-action, active motion-activated spray arms and added vortex generators, and is well-equipped to handle high-volume loads.

It comes with a 15-year limited warranty. The unit has an AutoWash feature and features an oscillating agitator for faster cleaning. It has a spin cycle, and foam attachment, and is easy to operate and adjust. This dishwasher has excellent ratings, especially from owners, for reliability and energy efficiency. It has a 160-amp capacity.


  • The powerful cycle that’s easy on the energy budget
  • Oscillating agitator for faster cleaning
  • Ceramic removable plates
  • Low noise


  • Unit is noisy at higher RPMs
  • Some complaint of a clicking sound from the cycle
  • Some units aren’t able to reach their advertised cleaning cycle times

3. LG HEPA Glassdoor Handheld Washer

LG’s HEPA Glassdoor Handheld Washer has three stages of filtration so there is no need for a low-pressure pump or cyclone action. This model uses a FlexClean, which is a fully enclosed stainless-steel built-in detergent dispenser and dishwasher and dosing mechanism that dispenses 3.6 cups of water per cycle.

This washer comes with an LCD control panel that has three different functions: color-code based on the time remaining, a safety lock for the lid, and a non-skid backing on the side of the dishwasher for easier maneuverability. It also has a selective wetting technology that reduces dirt by 90% while washing the dishes.


  • Five-year warranty on the washer and a 30-year warranty on the filter
  • FlexClean and three stages of cleaning
  • Stylish chrome finish


  • Short lifetime warranty
  • The warranty only covers the washer
  • No bottom rack on this model

4. LG CK9871UCK dishwasher

This dishwasher has an Energy Star silver rating. It features a medium-capacity capacity of seven items and a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. It also has an adjustable height selector, three distinct cycles, and a digital control panel.

The integrated dual spray arms provide easy cleaning with a power-split feature, helping to evenly distribute water pressure throughout the dishwasher for quicker, easier cleaning. Its oscillating action adds cleaning power to any water and cleaning technique.


  • 8-year limited warranty
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Over 60 inspections have proven its reliability


  • Cleaning is easy but can be time consuming
  • The dishwasher is quieter than some others
  • Only one spray arm is powerful

4. Bosch HEPA+HD Electrostatic Dishwasher

The Bosch HEPA+HD is a premium-grade HEPA-type dishwasher. It has a setting that automatically protects your dishes from stains and discoloration by rinsing in a condition-specific detergent designed for dishwashers. It has a self-cleaning cycle that removes residue, food particles, soap residue, hard water deposits, and debris with a powerful stream of water and penetrating solution.

This dishwasher is built with a power-split feature that allows the temperature to remain higher than most washers to speed up cleaning, and cycles and cleaning modes to separate your regular dishes from the nicks and scratches, scratches, and cracks. It is easy to program using the My Bosch app and features a six-year limited warranty.


  • Power-split feature
  • Six-year limited warranty
  • Powerful cyclonic and pulsating action


  • Doesn’t have an auto wash option
  • We May need to remove the front door seal to access the water valve
  • Some complaints of intermittent stains

5. LG CK9597UK Image Compact Conveyor Dishwasher

The LG CK9597UK is compact and powerful. It is quiet and gentle on your dishes. It comes with a drawer and two doors. It has an auto-clean cycle that removes grease and debris from the sides of your dishes, as well as cooking grime and dust. It also has an auto-dimming, light, and auto-dry cycle, to make it easier to load dishes without leaving them in the tub or sink.

This is a powerful dishwasher that uses 30 percent less water than other dishwashers of the same capacity. Its detergent dispenser includes an environmentally friendly detergent that lasts up to 10 times longer than regular detergents. The washer has a single 120-amp power source.


  • Includes two doors and a drawer
  • Built-in drying rack
  • Noiseless cleaning


  • On the high settings, some units have noticeable vibration
  • At low speed, there is a buzz
  • Some units have not met the manufacturer’s standards

6. Samsung RF273DFW Compact Dishwasher

The Samsung dishwasher has an Energy Star silver rating. It has a color-safe cleaning detergent to keep stains out of your whites. It has an accelerated drying mode and a timed cleaning cycle that can reduce drying times by up to 70 percent. The speed cycle offers a powerful 60 minutes to clean and an over-the-range temperature cycle with a low power rate to cut drying time by 50 percent.

Its speed cycle feature lets you have your dishes sparkling clean in just 30 minutes. It also has a liquid detergent dispenser with an easy-to-load cylindrical soap disc. Its compact size and powerful cleaning system make it perfect for small spaces. The dishwasher also includes a paper towel and drying rack.


  • Carries Energy Star rating
  • Included cylinder dispenser with a dispensing capacity of 1.4 cups
  • Light and silent operation


  • Aesthetically, the unit can be tricky to use because of its lack of standard model markings
  • Doesn’t have a main dishwasher size
  • Lacks auto-shutoff feature

7. GE DFEPSFSDD7 D-Gen Dishwasher

The GE dishwasher is quiet and energy-efficient. It also has an improved spin cycle with a precise rotation that eliminates creases and folds, which gives your dishes a sleek, radiant finish. The dishwasher also has a gentle cycle that takes longer than the usual cycles but is gentler on your dishes. This gives you more time to load your dishes without them taking the “damage” from a spin cycle.

The GE has a two-door, automatic load size control for optimal ease of loading and unloading. You have two adjustable shelves and a top rack to keep out hard-to-clean food particles and grime. It has a front-load detergent dispenser with a built-in moisture-absorbing filter, and a digital LCD touchscreen control panel that lets you monitor the cleaning status.


  • Included digital LCD panel
  • Two doors
  • Automatic load size control
  • Digital LCD panel


  • Basic stainless-steel washers
  • Doesn’t wash glass dishes
  • Other reviewers mention additional drips

8. GE Series 6 Speed washer and dryer set

The GE dryer can fit 6.5 square feet of drying space and also works as a handheld utility dryer. The dishwasher is six liters, enough to wash a small load of towels, a load of dishes, or maybe a small load of underwear. The two-door dishwasher has four distinct cooking programs for a variety of dishes and you can select your washing program from a large 21-inch LCD screen.

A timer button lets you select between pre-determined wash times and the cycle duration that works best for you. There’s also a HEPA filter for dust protection. It has a 12-minute cycle for loading and an anti-skid door that helps you manage sticky or messy dishes. You have a five-mode cycle, with features like Auto-Level, Clean, Magnesium Wash, Steam, and Heavy Duty.


  • Includes handheld utility dryer
  • Two-door dishwasher
  • Includes digital LCD
  • Great for families or couples


  • Cleaning instructions are not included
  • Doesn’t have enough drying space for larger loads
  • Doesn’t work well in a non-rack location
  • Some units have only one rack

9. Cuisinart CDF575TF Dishwasher

The Cuisinart CDF575TF dishwasher has two-time-out speed control. You can select between the warm and cold cycles for faster loading and drying. The dishwasher has an auto-dry function, along with a pre-wash and post-wash wash.

It has a stainless-steel finish with an auto-drying rack for cleaning. This dishwasher also has a 48-ounce capacity and uses a silent, hydraulic-driven water pump. It also has a chute door.


  • Two-time-out speed control
  • Auto-dry function
  • Three cleaning cycles
  • 50-ounce capacity


  • Lacks Auto-Dry
  • Doesn’t have storage space under the sink
  • A bit heavy
  • You have to remove the dishwasher’s exterior door to get to the washing tubs

10. Samsung WF-5300SK High-Efficiency 30-Cup Stainless Steel Dishwasher

The Samsung WF-5300SK dishwasher is a 30-cup capacity that cycles in 30 seconds. This dishwasher will both wash and dry, so you won’t have to take the time to switch out the dishwasher after each use. It also has three wash programs, including a “skim” or “self-clean” cycle that is for blemish removal and keeps your dishes bright and sparkling.

If you have a large family and large family events, this machine is the one for you. It has a two-door dishwasher with an LCD that lets you choose the wash program that works best for your dishes.


  • 30-cup capacity
  • 12-minute cycle
  • two-door dishwasher
  • three wash programs
  • 4.1 cubic feet capacity
  • Heated drain
  • a “skim” cycle for removing stubborn fat from dishware


  • Cannot stack two dishwashers in one sink
  • Doesn’t come with a water filter
  • The rubber seal around the door is damaged
  • Not a good choice if you want a large capacity dishwasher


Dishwashers get a bad rap because the noise they make when the cleaning cycle starts is usually more annoying than anything else. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find a high-efficiency dishwasher that is quiet, which is great for households with children or people who don’t need to use it frequently. And that’s a real shame because there are many great dishwashers out there. The ones mentioned above all have their flaws, but if you need a basic model, and you’re okay with lower run times, then you’ll be very happy with these great appliances.

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