TVs With Built-in Wi-Fi

7 Best TVs With Built-in Wi-Fi

TVs With Built-in Wi-Fi

The price of a good quality television gets better every year. They do not need to be top of the line, just good, at least decently good. To get the best results from your television you need a good Wi-Fi connection, as it allows you to stream movies, play games, and browse the internet. With more smartphone devices coming out and more Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, you need a good connection. A lot of people get hooked up with a cable connection so that they can watch the latest TV shows on their devices. This is not the same as connecting to the internet, as most cable connections only allow you to stream a limited amount of content. It’s good enough for an HD program like Breaking Bad but is not ideal for watching HD movies or anything with a large file size. Let’s review the 7 best TVs with built-in Wi-Fi.

LG Internet Enabled 4K Smart LED HD TV

The LG Internet-enabled Smart TV 4K is a nice step above the previous generation. It offers great picture quality with a stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. Not only does it offer a fantastic picture, but you can connect to your social media accounts and have the experience from your phone. The IPS 4K display gives you superior colors that will pop on your HD television, and you can control everything through the LG Magic Remote with an easy-to-use gesture and voice control system. The easy-to-use Bluetooth remote gives you the ability to control most of your settings. This is a great purchase for anyone who wants to improve the experience of watching TV.

Price: $1000


  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Alexa App Integration
  • IPS 4K display
  • Easy to use remote and gesture
  • Amazon Alexa


  • Struggles with low brightness

Vizio E-Series 4K HDR Smart LED HD TV

Vizio 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV provides 1080p resolution. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio and is more than likely the best selection for people who do not need an ultra-sharp screen for gaming. With standard HDMI inputs, you will be able to plug in your cable box or stream media directly. The enhanced 4K HDR picture technology reduces color distortion and improves clarity. This Vizio model has a great price, so is a great entry-level TV.

Price: $399.99 (6 percent off MSRP)


  • Ultra-Clear 4K HDR Display
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • Easy to set up and use


  • I May have issues with inputs at low brightness levels
  • 4K content is limited

Hisense H55N 55″ Smart 4K UHD TV

The Hisense H55N55 4K Smart TV has a great price and is currently on sale. It features a 6-core processor and delivers sharp, colorful images. The remote has a larger number of buttons than the remote on the Panasonic and Hisense Smart TVs. The Hisense has a great picture quality with great contrast and a great Smart TV experience.

Price: $499.99 (17 percent off MSRP)


  • High-Definition Audio
  • 120Hz Motion Rate
  • Fantastic picture quality


  • It May not be good enough for HD content

TCL 55S405 55-inch 4K HDR Roku Smart LED HDTV

The TCL 55S405 55-inch 4K HDR Roku Smart LED HDTV delivers a great picture quality, especially when it comes to HD content. It also has a great picture quality, a great smart TV experience, and a decent remote. You will get crisp, clear 1080p images that will look great on your HDTV. A great price, but the screen quality is not as good as the TCL 55S405 50-inch Smart TV.

Price: $339.99


  • Good picture quality
  • TV runs well
  • Good smart TV experience


  • The remote is cheaper than on most other models

Sony X900E 65-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV

The Sony X900E 65-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV has a great picture quality with superb HDR. It also has a great smart TV experience that can play most YouTube videos. The X900E also has great streaming media with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and videos from the cloud or stream them to your television. You will not have to compromise between a smart TV and a traditional set.

Price: $1500


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Best for viewing in front of your TV
  • 4K HDR Resolution
  • 4 HDMI inputs


  • It is too big to comfortably hold on your lap

TCL 55S425 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

The TCL 55S425 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV delivers a great picture quality for sports and movies. The TCL 55S425 also has a great smart TV experience, meaning it will allow you to stream content like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix without any extra hassle. The TCL 55S425 is also super affordable, so is great for those who want a nice TV that will serve you well for years to come.

Price: $399.99


  • Great picture quality
  • Very affordable
  • Good smart TV experience


  • Pretty small for a 55-inch TV

Philips 55PUS6262 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The Philips 55PUS6262 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV delivers an incredible picture quality with great contrast, brilliant colors, and true blacks. The Philips has a great Smart TV experience, including built-in Wi-Fi and two USB ports. It has two HDMI inputs so it can play any streaming content from your TV and another HDMI port so you can plug in another device, like a cable box or Blu-ray player. It also has an SD card slot for extra storage, as well as built-in speakers.

Price: $698.94


  • Incredible picture quality
  • Has a great Smart TV experience


  • Heavier than most sets

Samsung QN55Q6FN 55-Inch QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

The Samsung QN55Q6FN 55-Inch QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV delivers an incredible picture quality with superb HDR. It also has a great smart TV experience, which includes a high-performance processor that can handle a lot of different tasks for a smooth picture and seamless, lag-free experience. This TV is very slim so it will fit right on your TV stand or nightstand and it has great sound quality with dual speakers and a subwoofer. You will have no problem enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

Price: $500


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great smart TV experience
  • Lightweight


  • Pretty big and heavy

Benefits of TVs with Wi-Fi Connection

You have come to the right place for the best internet-connected TVs at the lowest prices. The internet has changed the way we live and how we can use it to keep in touch with people, play games, shop online, stream video and music, and do everything that we need to do from anywhere at any time. The TV is the next step, and it is the future of how we watch movies, TV, and gaming.

Using a Smart TV means you can be connected wherever you are, which is why it is important to understand what you get with a Smart TV. Not all Smart TVs will work with every streaming video service, and that is okay. A smart TV isn’t the only place where you can get great streaming video, but it is the best place to stream from the internet. The three main types of streaming video services are:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Video

Smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi mean you don’t have to go to a separate device to get online. All you need is your internet connection and your TV and it will make finding and streaming content easier and more convenient. Let’s discuss five benefits of using TVs with a Wi-Fi Connection:

  1. Great picture quality. Most smart TVs have great picture quality. When a TV has Wi-Fi, it means you don’t have to worry about the speed of the Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need to wait for things to download. You don’t need to be connected to the network, but you do need to be connected to the internet. If you have an old set without Wi-Fi, you can buy a new Smart TV with a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Supports streaming. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. These services are great if you have access to them in another room. Having access to these streaming services means you can make sure you have the most up-to-date information. You can check the weather before you head out the door, look at what’s in the news, or see if there is any new content in that show you like. The more you use them, the more you learn about them and the more you learn to appreciate them.
  3. Store offline apps. On a typical TV, when you want to watch a show on Netflix, it can take a while for Netflix to download all the movies and TV shows you need. With Wi-Fi, you can simply download and store the show on your smart TV. Just like that, you can start watching and the next time you need to watch that show, it will be downloaded. Not all smart TVs come with this feature, but it is a nice feature to have if you are in a hurry.
  4. Accessing your home media. When you buy a regular TV, you also get access to your home media. But on a smart TV, you have access to your media right on your TV. With an internet connection, you can access your music, movies, TV shows, photos, and documents from anywhere in the house. It is easy to connect all your devices to your TV for great entertainment.
  5. Better smart TV experience. Not all smart TVs have the best smart TV experience. Smart TVs often have a lot of features that you don’t need. That’s why it is important to buy a TV that has a better smart TV experience. This means that the Smart TV has a lot of features that you would use. If you are on a budget, make sure you buy a Smart TV that doesn’t have a lot of useless features.

5 Features to Look for Before Buying a TV with Wi-Fi Connection

You don’t have to have a Smart TV to be connected. But, a smart TV with Wi-Fi Connection is the best TV to use if you want to access the internet. You don’t need a separate streaming device like a Roku or a Fire Stick to watch Netflix on a TV. In the same way, you don’t need to buy a special TV that only has Wi-Fi. You can get a smart TV without Wi-Fi. Here are five features to look for when buying a smart TV with Wi-Fi Connection:

  1. Ease of use.

The smart TV with a Wi-Fi connection has the same features and capabilities as a regular Smart TV. For example, it has a screen. It can be connected to the internet. It has the apps you need. It has a remote control. You can easily use it without any issues.

  • Quality picture.

The Smart TV with Wi-Fi Connection has a quality picture that you will love. When you watch a movie or TV show on Netflix, you will notice that the quality is very good. A good quality picture means you will love the look of your TV.

  • Easy to set up.

You don’t need to spend hours setting up the TV. A simple setup routine will do. With the ease of setting up a smart TV with a Wi-Fi Connection, you can get connected to it in no time.

  • Enhanced features.

Wi-Fi-enabled smart TVs to come with more features than a regular Smart TV. These features will enhance your smart TV experience.

  • Easy to update.

All the features you get on a Smart TV with Wi-Fi Connection will stay the same, but you need to update them periodically. It takes less than 5 minutes to update your Wi-Fi-enabled TV. It is a quick and easy process.

Unlike a regular TV, you don’t need to install an adapter to connect your smart TV with Wi-Fi. Most modern smart TVs have an Ethernet port. So, you just need an Ethernet cable to get connected.

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