Best Keyless Door Locks in 2022

Best Keyless Door Locks in 2022 | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Home and business owners and investors are becoming increasingly concerned about theft, burglary and theft of valuables in their homes and offices. These factors are leading to a shift from keys to keyless entry. Easier security and theft prevention are two of the major factors fueling the growth of keyless entry in home and business properties. The demand for entry systems is increasing due to the rise in home, business and retail markets and the corresponding growth of total property value.

For commercial properties, entry door locks form an important part of building security. Keyless entry has become the most effective security system because it prevents both human and vehicular access. Any stolen vehicle can easily be replaced by a cash payment, thereby making a keyless entry the most important system for security in commercial spaces.

Keyless Door Locks Market Segmentation

The keyless door locks market can be segmented by locking type, application and region. By locking type, the market can be segmented into hydraulic locks, electromagnetic locks, keyless combination locks, keyed-lock types and others (clip-key, fingerprint, metallic card). By application, the keyless door locks market can be segmented into residential and commercial.

By region, the global keyless door locks market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America is expected to dominate the global keyless door locks market over the forecast period. High disposable incomes and aggressive development of residential and commercial infrastructure in the region are driving the keyless door locks market. Europe is expected to follow North America in terms of market share during the forecast period.

Best Keyless Door Locks

The keyless door locks market is witnessing significant growth due to the increased adoption of sophisticated solutions such as keyless entry systems in residential and commercial properties. One of the best 10 keyless door locks and security systems providers are listed below:

Kaba Group

Kaba Group is a global provider of innovative security solutions with expertise in modern, intelligent access control solutions. Kaba offers a wide range of security solutions for a wide range of end-users, including residential and commercial properties, government agencies, hospitals, luxury apartments and institutional facilities.

The company offers a wide range of security solutions for residential, commercial, institutional, and government facilities. The company’s products include high-security access systems, intelligent access solutions, high-end electronic locks, and security doors, as well as safes and locks for the electrical, mechanical and security sectors.

Key features of Kaba Group’s products:

• Door Lock Products

• Entry Systems

• Electronic Locks

• Audio and Video Alarms

• Night Vision Systems

• Biometric Systems

• Security Fencing and Gates

• Locks for Keyed and Unkeyed Locks

Assa Abloy

Asa Abloy AB provides products, services, solutions, and secure mobility solutions for residential and commercial property owners, managers and lease holders, as well as for businesses of various sizes. Asa Abloy is one of the leading access solution providers worldwide.

The company’s product portfolio consists of electronic locks, biometric solutions, locks for storage facilities and high security, door controllers and intelligent entry systems. Asa Abloy services a wide range of sectors including hospitality, education, healthcare, military and public sector, as well as multifamily housing.

Key features of Asa Abloy’s products:

• Electronic Locks

• Entry Systems

• Biometric Solutions

• Door Control Systems

• Access Systems

• Hardware

• Locks for Keyed and Unkeyed Locks

• In-Wall, At-Risk, Keyless Locks

• Door Locks

Hanstar Corporation

Hanstar is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security products. The company offers a wide range of products for home, commercial, and industrial applications. Hanstar manufactures electronic locks, safes and related accessories for the financial, legal, and retail sectors.

Key features of Hanstar’s products:

• Electronic Locks

• Biometric Solutions

• High-Security Door Locks

• Electronic Box Lock Safes

• Electronic Brackets

• Biometric and Optical Safes

• Entrance Scanners

• Electronic Surveillance Security Locks


ASSA Abloy is a leader in security solutions, including high-security access systems, biometric access solutions, mobile access systems, access control solutions, and lock manufacturing. The company is a public company with its shares listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

Key features of ASSA Abloy’s products:

• Electronic Locks

• Biometric Solutions

• Biometric Hardware

• Biometric Hardware Accessories

• Keyed and Unkeyed Locks

• Keypad Locks

• Locks for Keyed and Unkeyed Locks

• Electronic Switches

• Biometric Sensors

• Electronic Gate Locks

• High-Security Access Systems

• Biometric Solutions


Allegion is a global leader in the design and manufacture of locks and security products. The company’s products include access control systems, mechanical locks, door hardware, entry systems and other related products.

Key features of Allegion’s products:

• Electronic Locks

• Biometric Hardware

• Closed-Circuit Television Locks

• Electronic Vault Locks

• Electronic House and Office Locks

• Electronic House and Office Vault Locks

• Lock and Access Solutions for Doors

• Electronic Access Control Systems

• Door Hardware

• Door Hardware Accessories

Honeywell International Inc

Honeywell is an American multinational conglomerate with a focus on aerospace, automotive, and industrial technology. The company operates in two segments: Homes and Transportation. The Homes and Transportation segments account for more than 80% of Honeywell’s total sales. The company sells a wide range of home products, including thermostats, air conditioners, water heaters, security systems, and smoke detectors. Honeywell’s products are sold in many countries and territories around the world.

Key features of Honeywell’s products:

• Plumbing and Irrigation Control Products

• Fire Protection and Safety Products

• Security and Energy Management Products

• Home and Commercial HVAC

• Semiconductors and Sensors

• Transportation Products

Centra Locks

Centra Locks is a leading manufacturer of safes, padlocks, and biometric security products. The company sells its products primarily to businesses and service organizations. Centra Locks manufactures locks and accessories. The company’s products include electric and electronic locks and padlocks.

Key features of Centra Locks’ products:

• Padlock

• Biometric Lock

• Garage Lock

• Personalization Lock


Kwikset is a leading home intercom and security products company. The company’s product portfolio includes intercom and home security products. Kwikset offers wireless home automation products. The company’s products are used in new and existing homes.

Key features of Kwikset’s products:

• Central Security System

• Intercom

• Door Locks

• Keyless Entry

• Door Hardware

• Alarms

Security Cameras

• Motion Detectors

• Garage Security

• Security Tags

• Biometric Locks

• Electronic Locks

• Keypad Locks

• House Hardware

• Envelope Locks

• Alarms

• Personalization Locks

• Motion Detectors

• Real-Time Video Surveillance

• Camouflage Locks

Brink’s Home Security

Brinks is a security solutions company. The company’s products include motion sensors, safes, electronic locks, intercom systems, fire and smoke detectors, and interior security products. The company offers home and business security solutions to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Key features of Brinks’ products:

• Personal Security and Privacy Products

• Keypad Locks

• Electronics Locks

• Biometric Locks

• Intercom Systems

• Envelope Locks

• Alarms

• Smoke Detectors

• Computer System

• Door/Window Detectors

• Phones


ViTech manufactures high-technology locking and security systems. The company has more than 60 years of experience in creating and supplying strong security solutions for homes and businesses. ViTech provides security solutions to customers in various countries.

Key features of ViTech’s products:

• Fob and Door Locks

• Alarm Systems

• Electronic Locks

• Metal Detectors

Security Cameras

• Stenciled Stickers

Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

Now that you know about some of the top brands that sell keyless door locks. Let’s talk about the keyless advantages of keyless locks.

  1. Safety: In most home security systems, a key is required to access a secure area. With the door lock, you will no longer need keys to unlock and start your vehicle. This keeps you safe because the code of the door lock is the only access code required.
  2. Security: There are many safety reasons for using a keyless door lock. In most cases, the user doesn’t need keys to start their vehicles and start the house alarm.
  3. Ease of Use: Since a keyless lock will not require the user to keep a key on them, you will find this door lock as convenient as the keyed locks in your house.
  4. Eliminate and Minimize Remote Control System: The user doesn’t have to worry about remote control systems because this door lock allows you to control your entry from your phone.
  5. Flexibility: Since you don’t have to worry about your key getting stolen, you will not need to invest in a remote-control system. You can simply open and lock your door using the keypad lock.

Keyless locks come with some important safety tips to consider. Use only an original key to open the door. You may also try one of the products listed here.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

We are going to discuss the different types of keyless locks. You can also check our guide on keyless locks and how to pick the right one.

Door Lock

This is the most basic type of keyless lock. It looks similar to the keyed locks and is also known as a door stop lock. It does not require keys to open and access the door. The only trick is that it can be pushed down using the “push a button” button.

There are three types of door locks:

  • Access Control Door Lock: This type of door lock requires you to push a button or use the key to unlock and close the door.
  • Valet Entry Door Lock: This type of door lock is limited to valet parking or workplace keyless entry systems. It does not need you to press a button to access the door. You can open and close the door by lifting the handle or sliding a card.
  • Trusted Entry Door Lock: This type of door lock is one of the most versatile types of lock. You can also use it to open the door for a guest. You can use a virtual key and enter the keyless lock when you leave the vehicle.

Advanced Door Lock

Advanced door lock comes with a few sophisticated features, such as:

Smart key: This is the first type of advanced keyless lock. It has a micro-controller chip that can communicate with the door’s motion sensors. With the chip, you can control the door locks even when you are far away.

• Silent multi-frequency: This is the second type of advanced keyless lock. It comes with several micro-controllers that can emit various frequency signals to activate a micro-controller.

• Range of Devices: This type of keyless lock works with several devices, such as garage door openers, deadbolts, doors, locks, keys, or light switches.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Keyless Door Lock

There are a few important steps to take before purchasing a keyless door lock. Here are a few suggestions:

• Research the market. Find out how other brands are using this type of lock. The market is always evolving and you can benefit from incorporating products that are cutting edge and provide additional security.

• Be certain to determine the function of the keyless lock. Do you need a rechargeable lock or do you want one that doesn’t require batteries?

• Determine how you will lock and unlock your door. Is there a key lock and a keyless lock?

• Make sure to visit the specific location where you want to install your keyless lock. Consider installing a keyless lock in a location where you frequently park your vehicle.

• Rely on a professional to install the lock. They will ensure that the security system will function properly, including the battery.

• Before you purchase a keyless door lock, look for a source that is certified. This way, you can be sure that your door lock will not harm your vehicle.

Determining the right keyless door lock depends on the size of your home and the functionality of your security system. You will be able to get better options if you hire a professional or if you opt for DIY installation.

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