Smart Locks with Camera

Top 6 Smart Locks with Camera

Smart locks come with a camera, which enables them to detect if someone has entered the premises without authorization. Most of them come with RFID tags or NFC and also come with smartphone apps to monitor and control their locks remotely. This article is about six smart locks that come with the camera. You can check them out from the reviews below:

Smart Locks with Camera

August Smart Lock Pro – iPhone & Android App

This smart lock allows you to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control. The user only needs to enter a special code when they want to get in the house and as soon as the door unlocks, they get a notification. As soon as you open the app, you can see the lock status and choose the right locks for entering the house. The August Smart Lock Pro comes with a keyless card system, which means that you do not need to put the key inside the lock, but can hold it in the app or on your keychain. If you have a recent iPhone 7, you will be able to unlock the August Smart Lock Pro with NFC.

The lock also has an LCD, so you can check the status of the lock and access the security camera in the app. The August Smart Lock Pro is equipped with a siren, so you can alert the emergency services if you find yourself locked inside the house, which can be helpful if you need to scare away a burglar or an intruder. It has a push-to-open feature as well, so if someone breaks into your house, you can push a button and the lock will automatically unlock and they can leave. The August Smart Lock Pro comes with a $249.99 price tag, but the company offers a limited one-year warranty on it as well.


• Simple to install

• Scares away potential burglars

• Screen shows your status and can be used to interact with your lock remotely.

• Comes with siren as well

• Get a one-year limited warranty on the lock


• The Aug Smart Lock Pro can get wet if you leave it outside

• Fiddly to install and configure, not something that everyone is comfortable with.

Kwikset Kevo – iPhone & Android App

The Kwikset Kevo is the newest smart lock on our list and we can see its potential as an innovation. This lock is the only lock on this list with a built-in camera and the lock is quite different from the rest. The Kevo comes with an LCD, which makes it easier to check the lock status and the door status at a glance. There is also a Wi-Fi option on the lock as well. The lock also has a security feature that you cannot see in the picture.

You can use the proximity sensor on the lock to arm or disarm it, which is something that most other smart locks cannot do. The Kevo is equipped with a keypad as well as a fingerprint sensor. The Bluetooth button on the lock is only available on the Kevo model. There is a shutter on the lock, which is so much smaller than the traditional padlocks and you can use it to cover the camera as well. The Kevo costs $199.99, but you can get a special promo code from Kwikset to get a lock for $159.99.


• Smart locks are more secured and can make you feel safer when you are inside the house.

• If you have a traditional padlock, you can also add a lock using the same app to protect your locks.

• Fingerprint sensor is also offered on this lock

• Interface with the app is easy and looks good.


• Not very easy to configure and use

• While the screen is nice to have, it is inconvenient when you are outside the house and want to unlock the door.

Schlage Sense – iPhone & Android App

The Schlage Sense lock comes with a Z-Wave Enabled, Wi-Fi-enabled lock. This means that you can use your smartphone to check the lock status, but you can also access all the other functions of the lock such as the lock status, unlocking features, and the app as well.

The app allows you to lock the lock using Bluetooth, but you can also use the keypad and the touchscreen on the lock. There are also some extra functions in the app. It is worth mentioning that you can add any new passcode that you want for your lock and if you lose the lock, you can still use the app to lock or unlock the lock. This makes it a good choice for theft protection as well.


• Very affordable lock

• Remotely unlock the lock by using your smartphone.

• You can connect to the lock using your smartphone as well.


• Locks may break if they are used outside of the house for a long time.

• Not very powerful and offers some limitations, including no Bluetooth.

Chamberlain MyQ Universal Wireless Garage Door Controller – iPhone & Android App

The Chamberlain MyQ system is one of the newest on our list and it is the only smart garage door controller on the list. This is because it offers an incredibly easy-to-use and enjoyable interface, which is the kind of feeling you get from using apps that you have been using for years. The MyQ is also simple to install and comes with many additional functions and features, such as Z-Wave Plus and IFTTT. The MyQ also has a flexible system with several smarter features that are based on the available options and the connected components.

This way, you can connect it to many different other devices such as a DVR box or other smart home devices. If you want an affordable smart garage door controller, you can use the Chamberlain MyQ for free and then upgrade to the Professional version to enjoy more features. The MyQ is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can easily control your garage door and remotely check its status and status on your smartphone. All in all, the MyQ is a simple and easy-to-use system, that offers a long list of features that will make your smart home safe and more convenient.


• Has a comfortable and easy-to-use interface.

• Doesn’t require a lot of understanding to work properly.

• You can manage and lock the garage door from the app as well.

• Users can lock or unlock the door with their smartphones.


• Pros have very limited functionality, compared to other smart locks.

• While having great functions, you need to use the MyQ app to use them.

Yale Real Living Assure Lock – iPhone & Android App

The Yale Real Living Assure Lock is similar to the Kwikset Kevo and the August Smart Lock Pro. It is one of the best locks out there and the only lock on this list with an LCD, which makes it easy to check the status of the lock, and is very easy to use and navigate. The screen shows the status of the lock and can also be used as a remote control to remotely unlock or lock the door. The lock can also be used to control the lights, appliances, and garage door with an app. The Yale Real Living Assure Lock is the smallest lock on our list with a design that is very simplistic. The lock comes with a locking mechanism and you need to install this lock with a key.

You also need to put up a deadbolt to secure the door and you need to leave the key inside the lock when you are out or are not in the house. The lock has a simple and elegant look. You can get a free key via email and this will allow you to gain entry if you lose your keys. You can also keep track of the security of the lock via an available online portal. You can use this lock to check the status of the lock at a glance, control the lock using the app and also get notifications about door closings or the arrival of visitors. The lock has a host of features that allow you to take control of your locks.


• The touchscreen interface is great and is easy to use.

• The deadbolt is very easy to install and has a very similar design to the ones you have seen in traditional padlocks.

• The LCD screen is very useful.

• Lock has a built-in camera as well.


• The lock is really small and has a small footprint as compared to the traditional padlocks. It is really difficult to get the lock mounted to the door.

• LCD screen is not very easy to read.

Assure Lock – Android & iPhone App

This lock is also an excellent choice if you want a lock that can be controlled via your smartphone. The lock is very easy to operate and works with the companion app (i.e., on your iPhone or your Android smartphone). The app is very user-friendly and the companion app also shows the status of the lock and allows you to control it. You can unlock the lock, see the status of the lock and even control the lock remotely. You can use your iOS/Android phone to lock and unlock the lock via your smartphone or you can even turn it on and off, lock or unlock the door without using the key, set a message, and see your history.

You can unlock the lock using an NFC-enabled mobile phone or you can open the lock by pressing a button and entering the code on the keypad. You can also set the lock to automatically lock once the code is entered. You can also set the lock to lock on the designated hours. You can also set the lock to lock and unlock using your phone’s motion detector. The lock has a very convenient companion app and you can easily set up the lock to work with your smartphone or you can just use the app to control the lock.

The lock also comes with the highest level of security and can be set up to make use of SmartCells that you have installed in your windows and doors. The lock is also equipped with an LED indicator light that tells you whether the lock is in use or not. The lock does not use a battery and comes with two built-in SmartCells. It has a wide range of features and it is really easy to use this lock. It is also available in a new design as well. You can buy this lock for $179.99.


• Easy to use and purchase.

• Smart features that include dual NFC and SmartCells.

• The SmartCells allow you to automate the lock smartly.


• The lock is really small and needs to be mounted on the door and the door frame.


As you can see, there are many great smart locks on the market today and the list will surely grow in the future. The main thing is to find the right one for you and your needs. Our final list is therefore just a quick guide on how to narrow down your search. Do keep in mind that there is no one perfect lock for all homes, but you can use our list as a starting point for your research. If you want to see more in-depth reviews and ratings on the best locks for your home, please visit our dedicated smart home product category.

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