Design of Dining Table

45 Impressive Design of Dining Table Against The Wall to Save More Space

I have recently decided to put a dining table against the wall for the space-saving as it can be seen through the small window as well. But before going any further let’s define what a dining table is.

Design of Dining Table

Dining Table

A dining table is an arrangement of several chairs, usually seating 8-10 people, at a table at which the food is served. Dining tables are specially set up for special occasions such as holiday meals and celebrations.

In the beginning, it was only common for one person to sit down to eat but now multiple guests sit down to eat. However they still mostly eat seated and they use a chair. Let’s review 45 impressive designs of dining tables against the wall to save more space:

Mother’s Day Toolbar Table

This table serves a mother and her family. The top of the table is shaped like a glass cabinet and holds her glasses and utensils and on the back of the cabinet is the red toolbar where she stores her home appliances. The idea is that she doesn’t need to have an iron on her table so it can save space.

Mother’s Day Plastic Tray Table

This is a family table designed by daycare children in the UK. The design is based on a plastic tray that kids sit around on. The tray table is by Cesar Vicente from Spain and it has a drawer on the front. The other side of the tray table has a screw-on drawer that can hold toys. The tray table is made of matte plastic so it won’t show dirt easily. The trick is to keep it clean and show its shiny surface.

Living Room Dining Table

This dining table by Thomas Hajek is simply designed with the help of an Ikea table. The table is made of black wood which can be stained to make it look different in black and white.

Family Dining Table

The family dining table by RE/DONE is designed for the family to eat, relax, talk and hang out together. The table’s main structure is made of marble from the base and lower tray.

Tree stump dining table

This table can be easily mounted on the tree trunk and can easily be used in a modern home. The dining table is made of maple wood and features an outer box with open shelves for storing and displaying decorative objects.

High-style pegboard Dining Table

Pegboards are easy to use, and useful, and can also be customized with various storage options. Ikea pegboard provides a beautiful option to extend the use and durability of their tables. This table’s pegboard is installed as a shelf for holding dishes and flatware.

Paper dining table

You can customize the colors of this dining table to suit your space. The dining table has a wooden top and a white paper mat on top. The white paper gives it a distinctive look and makes it look unique.

Shelf dinner table

These shelf dining tables by Lina Walls can be set in any room of your house. The wooden floor makes it look casual and it provides ample space to store and display books and art materials.

Glazed patio table

This glazed patio table is made from fiber cement and comes with a mat to protect your furniture. They are durable and are made for outdoor use and can be moved to outdoor spaces.

Shelf dining table

These shelf dining tables by Caroline Fleming and Christine MacCarthy are ideal for the limited space of a bathroom. The interior is made of acrylic and the white interior adds a fresh and airy look to the room.

Embroidered Lattice Dining Table

The home bar is a focal point of many contemporary homes and these dining tables by Nest Studio are designed in such a way that they complement the look of a bar without actually blocking the view. The three-piece lacquered plywood dining table design is made of glass and crafted with precision craftsmanship.

Moon night table

These dining tables by Heather Pearce are meant for modern and minimalist homes. The design is influenced by the moon and moon-themed elements and the furniture is made of white wood.

Folded Easel Dining Table

The ease of storing dining tables when not in use is one of the primary purposes of this foldable dining table by Houzz. The table is a 2-seater and is completely collapsible when not in use. The folding legs are designed to store beneath the table top when not needed.

DesignWare Dining Table

This table is designed by DESIGN WORK, a furniture manufacturer in Beijing, China. The table is available in wooden, glass, or metal finishes and is available in 4-seater and 5-seater options.

Performance Ottoman Table

This dining table is manufactured by Josef’s Italian Kitchen Furniture and is an open dining table that transforms into an ottoman with the flip of a lever.

Porcelain Dinner Table

These porcelain dinner tables by Chisato Candle are a design piece that was inspired by beautiful chairs and can be set anywhere in the house. The four-seat dining table has a stackable tray top and can be used either as a dining table or an ottoman.

Outdoors Table

The beautiful oak table is ideal for outdoor use and can be used as a perch, seating area, or for outdoor weddings. The table is a natural timber design that has a natural birch top.

Built-in Pedestal Dining Table

These built-in pedestal tables by Studio M for Casa Lampart are shaped like classic cabinets. The design is called the “Percival and Nadine” and each design has a unique face and color scheme.

Pocket Dining Table

This pocket table by Best Made Co is a super compact and lightweight dining table that can be used in kitchens and other small spaces. The table is made of glass and painted matte black.

Modern Breakfast Table

The dinner table is manufactured from salvaged wood that has been treated to retain its antique look. The dining table design is by Larry Peoples Design and is available in 3-seat and 4-seat options.

Table with Built-in Pantry

These dining tables by LB Home Crafts are made with oak and are made for modern households. The table is designed with a shelf system that provides ample storage space and the plate rack sits below the table.

Adjustable Design Table

The table by Urban Smith Furniture is a versatile design that can be used in a variety of ways. The table design is made of concrete, and powder-coated steel and has an easy-to-assemble outlay that allows for modular assembly.

Playful Ergonomic Dining Table

The dining table by Orlin Allstate Design is made from old wood pieces. The composition was achieved through laser technology and is designed to be used for a wide variety of indoor activities such as working, playing games, and more.

Black Table

This table by Carolina Porcelain is crafted with a white and black ceramic glaze that gives it a dark appearance. It is crafted with a high-density steel base and a black wooden top.

Container Dining Table

The table by Washington Natural Designs is made from walnut wood and has a tumbled marble top. The base is made of steel and the table’s height can be adjusted to different heights.

The Healthy Dining Table

The dining table by Green Planet Design is a sustainable furniture piece that can be used in residential and commercial spaces. It can be used as a kitchen table and in other creative settings.

All-Clad Dining Table

All-Clad Dining Table is manufactured from solid stainless steel and has a clean and minimalist design.

Silver Metal Dining Table

The aluminum dining table by Inside stationery is a modern metal design that has a neutral color palette.

Iconic Table

The table is crafted from high-quality solid silver that has been finished to perfection. The table design by Cargin Designs is available in black and white.

Wood Dining Table

This wooden dining table by Evolution Design is crafted with pre-cut strips of ash. The arrangement of the strips gives the design a rustic appeal and the table is made available in white or black.

Covered Table

The covered dining table by Best Made Co is a beautiful piece made of sturdy pine.

Round Table

The table by Best Made Co. is made of reclaimed beech wood and has a unique style that can be used for dinner parties.

Hardwood Dining Table

The Table by John Hardy Woodwork is crafted with Douglas Fir wood. The table has a natural and rustic look and is available in white or black.

Poetically-Designed Table

This table design by Parthenia Black designed for a company can be used both indoors and outdoors. The table is made of sturdy birch and is suitable for use in any room in a house.

Stone Dining Table

The table is made from solid oak wood and is available in black and white color options. The table is on wheels and can be moved from one place to another.

Square Dinner Table

The table by All Steel Marketing is crafted with thick steel and has a square shape. The top is made of rough steel and is coated with white lacquer.

Cool Dining Table

The table by Artistic Mobile Home is crafted from solid steel and features a reinforced design. The table is perfect for modern living rooms and outdoor spaces.

Stainless Steel Round Dining Table

The table by Harley-Davidson Design Workshop is crafted from stainless steel and features a transparent finish.

Brass Table

The table by CPT & Co is crafted from brass and has an elegant and art deco look. The table is perfect for a chef’s kitchen.

Pallet Wood Dining Table

The table by Flow3 is crafted from walnut wood that is shaped in a pallet shape. The table is crafted with steel legs and is offered in a beautiful black color option.

Cutlery Counter Dining Table

The table by the Italian Design Lab is made from recycled cast iron and is available in black or white.

Obsidian Table

The table by Raikha Design Studio is crafted from black obsidian that has been inlaid with gold plating. The table is available in rose gold or silver.

Natural Stone Dining Table

The table by Apple Design is crafted from raw stone that has been polished to a brilliant shine. The table is available in black or white color options.

Table By All Steel Marketing

The table by All Steel Marketing is crafted from steel and features a rustic vibe. The table is ideal for use in farmhouses.

Brompton Table

The table by In-House Design Studio is crafted from natural rubber that has been finished to perfection. The table is perfect for use outdoors and indoors.


These are 45 of the best designs of dining tables for the home. You can buy a dining table today from Etsy and Ikea.

Do you have any favorite designs you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section.

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