Video Doorbell Cameras

The 7 Best Video Doorbell Cameras to Buy in Australia 2022

Video Doorbell Cameras

The earlier this century, around 2010, camera-based home security systems were definitely something that you only saw in movies. Now, we’re seeing them show up everywhere, from small unobtrusive dashcams to smart doorbells.

Why are video doorbells so much more popular these days? Well, not only do they alert you when someone rings your doorbell, but they also allow you to see, hear, and speak to whoever’s there, allowing you to talk to them and maybe even help them find their way.

The video doorbell market is now a lucrative one. The first decent models weren’t even released until the end of 2022, and there are already a few contenders out there — not to mention manufacturers eager to break in and, like Amazon with its Ring doorbells, corner the market.

Which of the currently available models are worthy of your money? Here’s a round-up of the best ones we’ve tested.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Geared towards the high-end, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is undeniably expensive, but it’s also great. The Pro model comes with 2 x wired doorbells, so you’re probably not going to want to use it as your main doorbell. However, it’s great for your smaller front entrance and it also includes an LCD screen to show you a live video feed on a normal basis.

It also has two-way talk support, which means you can talk to someone who’s knocking at the door, and still see them on the security camera. There’s also a battery backup so you won’t have to be without the doorbell for any length of time.

The one thing that it’s not very well known for is the remote control. That said, it will support Ring’s DIY arm, Ring Sense, which is a neat idea, but we haven’t yet used it. Still, as it costs a decent amount for what it does, we think it’s worth it.

As an added bonus, the Ring Pro supports IFTTT. This means you can add custom commands to it, for example:

  • IFTTT_PressSilence – Transmits audio to your phone when someone knocks the door.
  • IFTTT_Call – Turns your smartphone into a makeshift intercom, and will automatically turn on your phone’s flashlight, so you can see who’s there.

You also get two rechargeable batteries, so you can always have the doorbell powered up. This is also the one to buy if you’re using it as your main doorbell.

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While the Ring Video Doorbell Pro will let you see someone at your front door, the DoorBird will allow you to see and speak to someone on your doorstep, without them having to ring your bell first. The DoorBird features a 5MP camera, with a 95-degree wide-angle lens and 1080p recording capabilities.

It also features a microphone that’s open to Google Home and Alexa, and it uses Z-Wave Plus, so you can control it with your Google Home device or Amazon Echo Plus. The battery lasts for 30 days, and if you have an Ethernet connection, the doorbell will be able to be used remotely, without the need for any additional battery packs.

If you’re going to be renting, you can also add DoorBird to your package, which will allow you to rent and control the doorbell at the same time. There’s also an accompanying app, which you can use to view recordings and control the doorbell remotely.

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Honeywell Smart Display Doorbell

The Honeywell Smart Display Doorbell is one of the cheaper options on this list, but it’s still capable of doing a lot of the same things like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It does have a microphone that allows you to talk to people who are at your door, and unlike the Ring Doorbell Pro, it also allows you to see and speak to people at the door.

It uses Wi-Fi, and there’s a compatibility feature so you can communicate with it using the Smart Display, or if you have a smartphone, you can use the app.

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SkyBell HD

While you can certainly spend a bit more for the SkyBell HD, it’s easy to see why it’s been included in our best smart doorbell picks. It’s rugged, and it uses IP54 certification, which means it can be placed outdoors.

It features 1080p HD video recording, and unlike the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the DoorBird, it comes with a physical keypad. This means you can press it on your phone to unlock it, so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket, or even have the doorbell light on.

It also works with Alexa and the Google Assistant, and it allows you to view your live video feed and talk to people at your door. If you own a Nest product, then you’ll be able to have it turn on your connected thermostat when you arrive home.

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Ring Floodlight Cam

Perhaps the most secure doorbell we’ve ever tested, the Ring Floodlight Cam is capable of recording both at night, and during the day. While it doesn’t have a camera, the Ring Floodlight Cam offers a floodlight feature that you can access with a dedicated app, where you’ll be able to turn on the floodlight and, more importantly, switch it on and off. You’ll also be able to receive alerts whenever someone approaches your house, or when someone tries to open the door without your permission.

You can control the Floodlight Cam using your phone, which is extremely convenient, as the app is super easy to use. It also supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and the floodlight can be manually switched on and off using the keypad. It’s very well built, and offers excellent flexibility, with most people likely using it for the floodlight feature.

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August Doorbell Cam Pro

At the same price as the August Doorbell Cam, the August Doorbell Cam Pro is a great alternative, as it offers similar features but without the video camera. It comes with a keypad, and unlike the DoorBird, it also comes with a nightlight, so you can see who’s at your door at night.

It’s a little less weatherproof than the DoorBird, but it has a sleeker design, making it a more attractive option. It’s very easy to set up, and there’s a companion app, which enables you to remotely view the live video feed and speak to people at the door. It also has support for Alexa, and works with IFTTT.

We didn’t choose the August Smart Lock Pro because it has the highest ratings, but it’s the option we like best. It’s the most affordable of the smart locks on this list, is well-built, and has an excellent app. We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of August, as it’s an industry leader, with many people using the smart lock inside their houses.

It’s capable of smartphone control via the free app. This means you can view who’s at the door, and allow or block the entry of anyone with a unique pin. It’s also compatible with the SmartThings hub, so you can control the lock from other smart home devices.

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Perhaps the most well-known name on this list, Vivint is an impressive smart lock manufacturer and one that’s often featured in various gadget reviews. It’s well-established in the industry and has a proven track record, so you can be confident using its products.

Like many smart locks, it has an LED indicator to show who’s at the door, and you can see when someone knocks if you have the app installed. There’s also an audible chime, so you know someone has arrived when you can’t see them. The downside of this is that you have to push a button to lower the lock, so you don’t have complete control.

There’s also a geofence feature, which works in conjunction with the app, and you can even add trusted friends and family. This means that when they arrive home, you’ll be notified, and can open your door to them. It’s reasonably priced too and comes with free installation.

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Amazon and eBay

Onity Wireless Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers are becoming increasingly popular, as they enable you to open your garage door whenever you want and lock it when you’re not home. You can then see who’s at the door and schedule a time when you need to return.

Onity has a wireless smart lock, and there’s support for Amazon Alexa. You’ll be able to access your garage through the app, and you’ll also be able to see who’s at the door. We’re pleased to see that the hardware doesn’t require any fiddling with wires or cutting holes in the door frame, as you’ll find with some other smart door openers.

The Onity wireless garage door opener works with the Hub, and this is an excellent piece of smart home kit that offers plenty of functionality. It’s also very easy to install and requires only a little soldering. It also works with most other smart home products, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It’s a great option if you don’t want to invest in other smart door openers, or want a little more control over your garage door.

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Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba

Yale Assure Smart Garage Doorbell Camera

This is a good option if you want to control your garage door opener from your smartphone. It works with the Hub, so you can unlock it and so the door is unlocked when you return home. The smart lock has an integrated camera that enables you to see who’s at the door and has a speaker that allows you to speak to the visitor.

The bell also chimes when someone is at the door, so you can hear who’s there before you open the door. You can see when a guest has arrived in the app, and there’s a view of your front door so you know who’s at the front door. It’s a decent option, but you have to pay a monthly fee for installation.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Sense is a relatively inexpensive smart lock that’s designed to work with both app- and hardware-based lock systems. It is best for professional installation and doesn’t require any soldering, so you can install it yourself. It does, however, require a central unit that the lock attaches to.

You can buy it as a standalone lock that doesn’t require the Hub or other smart accessories, and it can also be combined with other Schlage products. It can connect to more than 500 HomeKit accessories, so if you’re adding a few of those, the Schlage Sense is a decent, affordable smart lock to use with them.

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This list covers the top ten best smart garage door openers or camera doorbells that are currently available. As you’d expect, you’ll find some high-quality, pricey models on the list, and others that are available for a little less money. Each model comes with different features and functionality, so do your research before you buy. Consider your budget and the device that best suits your needs. It is best to spend a little more on a smart garage door opener that offers you all the features you need and none of the ones you don’t. If you’re on a budget, or you just want a simple, inexpensive starter garage door opener, you can’t go wrong with a model that offers a Wi-Fi connection.

Do you have a smart garage door opener or cam doorbell that we’ve missed? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below.

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