4G LTE Security Cameras

Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras 2022

4G LTE security cameras have gained tremendous popularity in recent times and their sale is increasing in significant growth due to advancement in technology and a significant upgrade in a surveillance system. They are available in multiple variants, types, functions, and specifications with smartphones. As the 4G technology-based security cameras are comparatively cheaper in comparison to other camera models, they are well-received by the customers. Nowadays, most security camera brands use 4G LTE technology for connecting and controlling their security cameras through their smartphones.

4G LTE security cameras can be connected to any 4G wireless phone, TV box, CCTV connection, and other similar connected objects with wireless networks. The advantage of the 4G connectivity is that it makes remote control possible without the need for a user’s internet connection and smartphones. The vendors who have invested in advanced networks such as Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity have generated enormous demand for their cameras in recent years.

The vendors who offer 4G LTE security cameras have installed additional bandwidth to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data in high resolution for analyzing the movements of humans and recording the incident for further use in other applications. The market has seen the emergence of various vendors in this market with an extensive range of 4G LTE security cameras. Among the various categories of 4G LTE security cameras, home security cameras have become the key category because of high demand.

4G LTE Security Cameras

Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras of 2022

However, professional security cameras are the most demanded category and are priced accordingly. That’s why we are going to review one of the best cellular 4G LTE security cameras of 2022 as below:

1. Canary Security Camera 1080p Wireless IP Camera

Canary Wireless IP Camera was recently launched in the market and offers world-class security features such as 360-degree field of view, geofencing, and more. It comes with a wireless range of up to 66 feet outdoor and a range of up to 4,000 feet indoors, so it can be controlled remotely from any smartphone without an internet connection. The Canary Security Camera also comes with its battery pack and storage. The price of the Canary Security Camera is $200 in the US market.

However, it comes with a warranty of one year. It has a simple setup through the app and is also simple to use. It is very easy to set up a new account and allows users to set up motion zones, set an alarm, and more. Other important feature of the Canary Security Camera includes touch-to-wake, face recognition, touchpad, speaker, light sensor, and cloud storage. It offers a price of $200 for the early bird sale, which makes it to be one of the best cellular 4G LTE security cameras of 2022.

2. Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam IQ is a top-end model of Nest Cam which uses a 12-megapixel sensor to record high-resolution images of the room or the area under surveillance. It can also sense changes in light intensity and pixel shape in the image and automatically notify users of changes in light intensity and detect faces and people using sophisticated facial recognition technology.

It can detect someone’s face through the camera and notify the owner of the presence of a person in the room. The camera also comes with the ability to recognize the sound of glass breaking. The cost of this camera is around $700 in the US market. These 4G LTE cameras are also the best choice if the security of the area is a concern.

3. Arlo Pro Indoor Security Camera

Arlo Pro is another smart indoor security camera of Netgear which offers easy installation and easy connection via the Netgear app. It offers high-definition 1080p recording, night vision, and motion detection, along with motion zones, two-way audio, night light, and more.

This camera can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and is Alexa compatible. These smart cameras can be easily managed through the mobile app, so users can check the battery status, and the current status of the cameras, and even remotely control the cameras from the smartphone.

4. Ring Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 from Ring is an excellent option for residential usage which offers high-quality video quality, and useful features, and it can be easily controlled from the phone or an Android or iOS device. This security camera offers a free video history of 10 days to subscribers. The video quality is 1080p and this camera uses two-way audio.

This feature is known to work well with smart appliances as well. Other features of Ring Doorbell 2 are dust and weatherproof, a rechargeable battery, smart doorbell, activity zones, direct-touch activation, and speakerphone. The price of Ring Doorbell 2 is $249 in the US market.

5. Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

The Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is another high-end model of the Samsung SmartCam security camera and it offers a wide variety of features along with decent video quality. The camera has a variable-focus 2.0-inch touchscreen along with 1,280 x 720-pixel resolution and 720p image capture. It also can record four seconds of video before any motion alerts, and a wide-angle lens that can make the footage look wider and clearer.

Another important feature of Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is AirPlay support, infrared night vision, motion detection with over 200 zones, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. This security camera is capable of Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has an easy installation procedure and an installation time of around 30 minutes. The cost of Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is around $209 in the US market.

6. Netgear Arlo Pro

Netgear Arlo Pro is another 4G LTE security camera with world-class specifications, including 720p Full HD with free 24/7 cloud storage. This wireless security camera has intelligent motion detection and alarm with over 990 detection zones, which allows the user to have a 100% real-time alert of anything happening around.

It also can be placed on the surface and beam back the video feed to the user’s mobile device. Other features of Arlo Pro are Dual-Sight, live streaming, two-way talk, HD recording, night vision, night light, tamper alarm, sound & vibration alarms, and a 100dB siren. The cost of Netgear Arlo Pro is around $400 in the US market.

7. YouCam Nightwatch

YouCam Nightwatch is another popular and effective security camera with a live streaming feature and support for two-way audio. This device is capable of being mounted on a flat surface and is lightweight and compact. It is IP65 dust and water-resistant, and it comes with a built-in battery that provides up to 3 months of power. It also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

These smart cameras also have a night vision option along with five infrared LEDs and an emergency siren. The free app allows you to schedule your access times and to keep an eye on the kids as well as the pets at home. It is a robust security system and offers exceptional night vision. The cost of a YouCam Nightwatch is around $250 in the US market.

8. Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor is one of the popular security cameras that are mounted outdoors. This model has a 180-degree field of view, which is perfect for the users who live on a small terrace and need a security camera that is capable of scanning across all directions. The camera is light in weight and is equipped with powerful night vision that allows the user to see anything at night.

Other features of Nest Cam Outdoor include live streaming, a 180-degree field of view, two-way talk, HD recording, and a two-year warranty. The install time of Nest Cam Outdoor is around 5-10 minutes and you only need to screw the main camera to a flat surface. The cost of Nest Cam Outdoor is around $200 in the US market. Plus, it is also available in blue and white color options.

9. Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Cam is a lightweight security camera that offers all-around protection at your home or office. This device is equipped with night vision, a 1080p wide-angle lens, and an inbuilt microphone, which allows the user to communicate with the security camera in case there is any violation from outside. This wireless security camera is more popular because it offers motion detection alerts that tell you what is happening in your house.

Other features of Ring Spotlight Cam are 24/7 activity detection, 1080p Full HD video recording, night vision, local and cloud storage, and two-way talk. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for seven hours on a single charge. The installation of this security camera is quick and the setup process is not difficult. It is also easy to uninstall the security camera from the wall, which makes it easy to store the device outside. The cost of Ring Spotlight Cam is around $200 in the US market.

10. Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam offers a wide-angle 130-degree field of view. The security camera is easy to install and the setup is very simple. It is wireless, has a 100dB siren, and also offers hands-free two-way talk, two-way audio, and a security zone. However, this device does not come with a siren. In addition to this, the Cloud Cam offers motion detection alerts and support for person detection.

The Cloud Cam offers continuous recording, three-way talk, a microSD card slot, 1080p HD video recording, and night vision. It has advanced motion detection alerts along with person detection and motion-triggered recording of certain events. These features make it a cost-effective security camera and a handy gadget for users who cannot afford a security system.

11. YI Dome Camera

The YI Dome Camera offers a 180-degree field of view and motion detection alerts. It has a 180-degree wide-angle lens and built-in microphone that allows the users to talk to the security camera. It is equipped with motion detection alerts, presence detection, alerts, night vision, and bright red light for security purposes. It also offers audio alerts and support for person detection and motion-triggered recording of certain events.

The YI Dome Camera offers a rechargeable battery that can last for seven hours on a single charge. The installation of this security camera is simple and the process of moving the camera outside is not difficult. The overall installation time of this security camera is around 5-10 minutes. This cam is wireless and costs only a few dollars in the US market.

12. SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD is one of the best security cameras on the market. It offers a 180-degree field of view and is equipped with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a fully wireless security camera that offers high-end features at a price point that is affordable for people who want to purchase this device for their home or office.

The SkyBell HD is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of an intruder, allowing the users to record their audio from their smartphone without fear of missing out on the activity. It also has voice recording support along with a two-way talk feature and motion detection alerts. The battery of this security camera can last for seven days on a single charge. The pricing of SkyBell HD in the US market is around $168.


There are many other security cameras that you can use to keep a watch on your home or office. However, these are the best security cameras that are available at affordable prices. Have you purchased any of the security cameras listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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